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杂志名称:Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America
英文标题:The echo chamber effect on social media
摘要:Social media may limit the exposure to diverse perspectives and favor the formation of groups of like-minded users framing and reinforcing a shared narrative, that is, echo chambers. However, the interaction paradigms among users and feed algorithms greatly vary across social media platforms. This paper explores the key differences between the main social media platforms and how they are likely to influence information spreading and echo chambers’ formation. We perform a comparative analysis of more than 100 million pieces of content concerning several controversial topics (e.g., gun control, vaccination, abortion) from Gab, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. We quantify echo chambers over social media by two main ingredients: 1) homophily in the interaction networks and 2) bias in the information diffusion toward like-minded peers. Our results show that the aggregation of users in homophilic clusters dominate online interactions on Facebook and Twitter. We conclude the paper by directly comparing news consumption on Facebook and Reddit, finding higher segregation on Facebook.


杂志名称: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
英文标题:Self-Concept Clarity Lays the Foundation for Self-Continuity: The Restorative Function of Autobiographical Memory


杂志名称:South African Journal of Business Management
英文标题:Outward foreign direct investment and corporate green innovation: An institutional pressure perspective
摘要:Purpose: Institutional theory is a reasonable explanation for the motives of corporate social responsibility (CSR) behaviours (e.g. corporate green innovation). The existing literature defines institutional pressure as threats for legitimacy when firms operate within a country or a region; one area that has received little attention is the situation when a firm extends its operations across borders to pursue internationalisation. The study investigates the impact of outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) on green innovation at the firm level. Design/methodology/approach: The zero-inflated negative binomial regression models are estimated to analyse the data collected from 2065 manufacturing enterprises listed in China during 2007–2017 (n = 14 129). Green innovation is measured by the number of green patents, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) International Patent Classification (IPC) Green Inventory. Findings/results: The findings show that OFDI is positively associated with green innovation for emerging market enterprises (EMEs). Furthermore, compared with investment in emerging economies, OFDI in developed economies has a stronger positive relationship with corporate green innovation. The positive effect of OFDI on corporate green innovation will be higher for EMEs located in sub-national regions (i.e., province of the home country) with lower levels of institutional development. Practical implications: Emerging market enterprises should overcome organisational inertia and compete in a broader market to enhance their awareness and ability of green innovation. Originality/value: This article contributes to the existing literature by exploring institutional pressure faced by EMEs when they operate overseas (e.g. OFDI) can play a significant role in influencing green innovation, and enriches our understanding of EMEs’ inclination towards CSR (e.g. green innovation) in the context of internationalisation.


杂志名称:Journal of Development Economics
英文标题:The effect of parental job loss on child school dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories
摘要:负面的经济冲击如何影响家庭的教育决策?现有研究对发展中国家的关注不够,那不勒斯帕斯诺普大学的Michele Di Maio 和Roberto Nisticò 发表在 Journal of Development Economics 上的论文“The Effect of Parental Job Loss on Child School Dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories”以巴勒斯坦被占领地区样本,利用巴以冲突导致的巴勒斯坦人失业这一外生冲击克服估计中存在的内生性问题,提供了来自发展中国家的证据。


杂志名称:Management Information System Quarterly
英文标题:Social Media and Selection: Political Issue Similarity, Liking, and the Moderating Effect of Social Media Platform
摘要:In this work, we investigate how social media has changed hiring processes, an important internal activity of organizations. Specifically, we probe how viewing job-relevant and job-irrelevant social media content influences hiring managers’ ratings of job applicants. To do so, we conducted an experiment that manipulated the presence of social media content on political issues and job-relevant information as well as the social media platforms on which they appear. We balanced job-relevant and job-irrelevant content because we were interested in assessing whether information about political issues continued to have effects even in the presence of information relating to a job applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. We found that social media posts that convey information about political issues do have effects, even in the presence of job-relevant information. We also found that, for some issues, the source of social media content matters, with platform effects impacting the assessment of job applicants. This work has timely implications, suggesting that managers be made aware that both social media content and the platform on which it is viewed can contaminate hiring processes. We suggest a need for future research at the intersection between social media and hiring policies.


杂志名称:Finance Research Letters
英文标题:The State-Owned Capital Gains Handover System and managerial agency cost: Evidence from central state-owned listed companies in China
摘要:We examine the effect of the State-owned Capital Gains Handover System on managerial agency cost among 382 Chinese central state-owned listed companies during 2004 to 2017. The results show that the State-owned Capital Gains Handover System has significantly positive effect on reducing managerial agency cost. That means a higher gain-handover proportion contributes to more effective corporate governance. However, the positive effect would become weaker with a company's stronger profitability. In addition, we examine the internal transferring mechanism of gain-handover pressure inside company groups. We find that the positive effect become stronger if the parent company's cash flow right is weaker. This research enriches the study on the gain-sharing relationships with a unique Chinese circumstance, the State-owned Capital Gains Handover System, and is of great importance for further improvement of this system and SOE reform.


杂志名称:International Journal of Production Economics
英文标题:Wholesale or drop-shipping: Contract choices of the online retailer and the manufacturer in a dual-channel supply chain


杂志名称:Information Systems Research
英文标题:When the Bank Comes to You: Branch Network and Customer Omnichannel Banking Behavior
摘要:Banks today have been increasingly reducing their physical presence and redirecting customers to digital channels, and yet, the consequences of this strategy are not well studied. This paper investigates the effects of banks’ branch network changes (i.e., branch openings and branch closures) on customer omnichannel banking behavior. Using approximately 0.85 million (33 months’) anonymized individual-level banking transactions from a large commercial bank in the United States, this paper shows the asymmetric effects of branch openings and branch closures on customer omnichannel banking behavior. In particular, we find that branch openings increase customers’ branch transactions; however, the first branch opening leads to a migration of complex transactions to the branches, which might result in a net decrease in online banking in the short term. As consumers interact more with the physical channel, there is a gradual synergistic increase in customers’ transactions via online banking as well as alternative channels due to a learning spillover effect. The learning spillover effect goes from easy online inquiries to more complex online transactions as additional branches open. On the contrary, branch closures result in a favorable migration pattern from the branch channel to online banking. This pattern, however, could be reversed once the last branch closes within the customer’s residential neighborhood. Our study teases out the underlying mechanisms that drive customer omnichannel banking behavior in the context of branch openings and branch closures, and discusses the managerial implications for branch network restructuring and banking channel management.


杂志名称:Information Systems Research
英文标题:Is the Grass Greener? On the Strategic Implications of Moving Along the Value Chain for IT Service Providers
摘要:Information technology (IT) service providers are often advised to consider moving their service offerings along the value chain as a way to enhance their competitiveness. On the basis of this advice, service providers operating successfully at the lower end of the value chain have tried to expand into higher-order consulting services, whereas those operating higher up on the value chain have sought to expand into more routinized services. In both cases, such efforts have been met with limited success. In this paper, we examine why this might be the case, using an agent-based model developed specifically for this purpose. As part of the model, we use the resource-based view of the firm to construct agents, representing individual IT services firms with three distinct strategic orientations (archetypes) operating at different parts of the value chain with varying resource endowments. We then examine the outcomes associated with these firms when they transition along the value chain. Although we find that moving along the value chain is generally risky, we identify specific conditions under which such moves may be favorable to firms. We find that firms moving up the value chain are likely to be successful only if such moves are accompanied by significant resource changes. In contrast, firms moving down the value chain are likely to be successful only if such moves are accompanied by learning capability arising out of higher absorptive capacity. We find that resource fungibility moderates these relationships. We conclude with a discussion of the managerial implications of our study as well as opportunities for future empirical research within the IT services industry based on our propositions.


杂志名称:Information Systems Research
英文标题:Sustaining a Good Impression: Mechanisms for Selling Partitioned Impressions at Ad Exchanges
摘要:In the mobile advertising ecosystem, the role of ad exchanges to match advertisers and publishers has grown significantly over the past few years. At a mobile ad exchange, impressions (i.e., opportunities to display ads) are sold to advertisers in real time through an auction mechanism. The traditional mechanism selects a single advertiser whose ad is displayed over the entire duration of an impression, that is, throughout the user’s visit. We argue that such a mechanism leads to an allocative inefficiency, as displaying only the winning ad throughout the lifetime of an impression precludes the exchange from exploiting the opportunity to obtain additional revenue from advertisers whose willingness to pay becomes higher during the lifetime of that impression. Our goal in this paper is to address this efficiency loss by offering mechanisms in which multiple ads can be displayed sequentially over the lifetime of the impression. We consider two plausible settings—one where each auction is individually rational for the advertisers and one where advertisers are better off relative to the traditional mechanism over the long run—and derive an optimal (i.e., revenue-maximizing for the ad exchange) mechanism for each setting. To efficiently compute the payment rule, the optimal mechanism for the former setting uses randomized payments. Under this mechanism, whereas the ad exchange always benefits relative to the traditional mechanism, the advertisers could either gain or lose—we demonstrate both these possibilities. The optimal mechanism for the latter setting is a “mutually beneficial” mechanism in that it guarantees a win–win for both the parties relative to the traditional mechanism, over the long run. Happily, for both the mechanisms, the allocation of ads and the payments from the advertisers are efficiently computable, thereby making them amenable to real-time bidding.